مقدمة موضوع جاهزة قصيرة وطويلة لاي موضوع تعبير او بحث

Introduction to the topic of an expression is one of the things that students often search for in order to write topics in the Arabic language subject, as many students always need easy and simple introductions that they can use in various topics of expression, and given the difficulty of this matter for many students who are not familiar with the Arabic language enough In what follows, we will give you a number of simple introductions to the topic of expression that you can use and practice on.

Topic introduction ready for print

My words stand helpless in front of talking about this great topic, and I think that if I brought up the words and meanings in dictionaries, I would not be able to say on this subject what would fully fulfill his right, because it has a special place in myself personally, and in the soul of every person in this world This is because it directly touches the human being and the soul, which has a close relationship with his human nature, and in this regard I will strive with all my efforts to talk about this interesting topic and to encompass all its aspects with transparency and clarity. You can download an introduction to a topic ready for printing ”from here”

Short introduction topic expression

Often times the professor asks students during the exam to write a short topic to express a specific issue, provided that it does not exceed a few lines, due to the lack of time in the exam, so students need to write an introduction about any short and simple topic, and in the next we will put a list for you with a number Some of the appropriate short introductions:

Short expression introduction

I start with my pen flowing over the lines of my white paper to tell my longing and eagerness to write about this wonderful topic that has become the focus of attention of many members of society in recent times, wishing to fulfill it even a small part of its right.

Very short expression introduction

As I am about to talk about this interesting topic, I cannot help but recall the outcome of my information and linguistic experiences in order to write about it, authorize and express all my feelings about this important topic.

Short and easy expression introduction

Today, while I am writing on this topic, I feel nothing but proud and proud to give me this wonderful opportunity that I will never forget to write about this topic that forms in my heart a distinguished position, and I wish God Almighty to help me to say it and say it well.

Intro is a very short, beautiful expression

Today, on this topic, I will give free rein to my words to speak better about a topic that has become one of the important issues facing our societies, and I will do my best to put the word in its appropriate place, so that I fulfill this topic, even if part of what it deserves.

Easy Expression Topic Introduction

I start talking about this majestic topic, and I hope to be surrounded by all its aspects, because of its great importance in our society. Society and its safety is the bulk of what a person strives for his goodness and cohesion over time, because it is the place in which he feels stability and reassurance and this can only be done through a solution All issues that may affect its stability.

Introduction topic expression

Talking about this important topic has become a necessity for all segments of society regardless of its great impact on our contemporary society, as it affects the stability of family life and its continued resilience in the face of the calamities of time, so we have to talk about it with all seriousness and interest, asking the Lord success and payment.

Introduction topic beautiful expression

Let the pen flow through the lines of this white paper to improve its speech on this great topic, for I am hopeful to write the most appropriate words that have a pleasant impact on the soul of their reader, and I in turn will make every effort to address this interesting topic in all its aspects, and I hope that you will receive acceptance. .

An introduction suitable for any research topic

The introduction to the research is the most important part of it, because the reader usually takes the initial idea of ​​the research by looking at the introduction that the student writes to know the extent of his awareness and understanding of the topic of the research in a comprehensive manner, before he deals with reading all the basic topics, so the student must pay special attention to it. Here we put a number of introductions to you, each research introduction suitable for a specific type and some of them general:

Ready research introduction

In the name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful, praise be to God, Lord of the worlds. We praise and seek help, and we bear witness that there is no god but God and that our master Muhammad is his servant and his faithful messenger. God prayed and blessed us a great deal on our master Muhammad and his family and companions all. Within the knowledge of the (…), and I tried my best in it and abhorred the letters and words, wishing that it met your best expectations. Given the importance of this topic, I briefly dealt with all aspects surrounding it during the first pages of the research, and then detailed some topics and elements that I had to turn to while I was about to talk about this topic due to its great importance in this context, But I made sure to avoid unwanted verbosity and made sure to mention the main points. I hope that you will find sufficient time to read about this topic and read it thoroughly, waiting for your constructive remarks and criticism, and we hope that God Almighty will guide us to what is good and satisfactory and that he will keep evil and schemes away from us, and that the dear homeland is preserved for us and that we protect it for it. over time.

Introduction to university graduation research

After I completed four years of university studies, and I was able to master a number of important topics that are an integral part of my university specialization, an idea and an overview of my specialization was formed in a comprehensive and adequate manner, and during my study years my thinking occupied a specific topic for a long time, and in light of this I wanted To make it a challenge in front of me to write and be creative, and to make every effort and strength in it, and stay up late to nights to bring it out in its final form, and I have reached in it results that aroused my interest and my curiosity to learn more and more about this topic. I am now presenting it to you, hoping that you will find enough time to review it and scrutinize it so that I can benefit from the sea of ​​your extensive experiences through the constructive notes and criticism that you dictate to me, thanking you for your cooperation with all kindness and respect.

A short ready research introduction

In the name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful. Praise be to God, Lord of the worlds, and blessings and peace be upon our Master Muhammad, the most honorable of creation and messengers, and after praise and prayer; I present to you this research on (……), after I finished its last lines and worked on refining and arranging them with care, indicating in it the most important basic points and the contract related to this topic as one of the most important topics that I studied in the recent period during my major, as I did after researching, scrutinizing and inserting The most recent studies, opinions, and topics that dealt with this topic, I wrote my findings in a concise and public manner, thus I mean in the wording as much as possible while the meaning remains integrated and abundant. Now, I hope you will review this research in order to provide me with your constructive remarks, which will be a beacon to me.

Introduction to Religious Research

In the name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful. Praise be to God. We praise Him, and for Him we seek help. God is the one who is unique in all beauty and perfection, and has no equal, glory be to Him, nor an example. But after; Today I come across to you the research that I prepared, with success from God and with grace, on (… ..), and I have made every effort in it to reach the final say on everything related to this topic in all its aspects, and I have sought this from the books of the great religious scholars who made them a method for me In search and on its way; I would be someone who follows the path of the righteous, and I have built all the results that I have reached, thanks to God, on their words and sound opinions, avoiding what is an exception to words, and I am presenting it to you, hoping that you read it to provide me with your good remarks and constructive criticism, may God help us and you to what is the best of the two worlds, Amen .

Introduction to scientific research

After praise and praise to God Almighty, and prayers on our master Muhammad, the most honorable of creation and messengers, I present to you this research which I reached after many years of study, research and scrutiny, as I, with the knowledge I received during my years of study, thoughts revolved in my head on the topic (… ), And when I took the opportunity to show you the results of my long research on this topic. On this topic, I first explained the basic concepts that pave the way for presenting the idea, and then presented the idea by talking about it in all its aspects and what are the most prominent pros and cons associated with it, and how we can benefit from them, and after I finished my studies I wrote the results I have reached Within the main points I included a comprehensive summary of the topic with personal suggestions that I wrote in a concise manner. Please read this paper and provide me with your constructive comments.

Introduction and conclusion suitable for any topic of English expression

Students always need in the English language subject – a subject that students often feel difficult – to absorb an introduction to any topic and a conclusion to the expression in order to write it on their topics during the test and train on it, and below we put an example for you of a two general introduction and conclusion for any topic of expression:

Topic introduction in English

This topic is one of the most important topics in our society, so I will write all the information I have, in order to present my views about this interesting topic, and I will make every effort to surround this topic in all its aspects.

Conclusion expression in English

Here I have reached the conclusion of this topic, and I have dealt with it from all aspects that I thought would effectively affect it. I hope that the topic has won your admiration and that I have explained it in a sufficient and appropriate manner.

Topic consisting of an introduction, presentation and conclusion

In what follows, we will write for you an essay expressing generous morals, fulfilling all the necessary elements for a successful expression. Introduction: I begin with my pen flowing along the lines of this white paper to write on a great topic, which is the basis for the establishment and success of societies, which is the generosity of morals, as good morals are one of the basic characteristics that every Muslim should possess in his life and all his dealings to be a good example for all peoples of the world. We are undoubtedly followers of the beloved Mustafa Muhammad – may God bless him and grant him peace – and represent him with pride, and the poet, may God have mercy on him, said:

But the morals of the nations do not remain *** If they are gone, their morals are gone

Presentation: Creation is known in general as nature and permissiveness, so the owner of creation has embraced it, and it is in the conventional sense a form that is rooted in the human soul, from which actions proceed in a smooth manner without the need for deliberation, and therefore it is possible that what is blameworthy and what is praiseworthy may be issued from these actions. Morals in our true Islamic religion are among the characteristics of the righteous believers, as they help to avoid falling into immoral work, and they also make their owner away from sin. Morals are the most prominent of what was stated by the noble prophetic guidance, for the Prophet – may God bless him and grant him peace – was the greatest of good morals, and so were all the prophets. The Messenger of God Muhammad – may God bless him and grant him peace – was dispatched to complete the generosity of morals, and he worked to build an integrated society based on good morals, due to the great benefits that accrue to the Muslim individual and the community with all goodness. Good morals are the basis for the survival of nations, and it is the indicator The main thing is the collapse of the nation or its continuity according to a correct approach, because the collapse of morals is the collapse of the entity of the entire nation, and generosity of morals are among the reasons that help to instill a spirit of love among members of the same community and keep them away from enmity and hatred between them. Conclusion: In conclusion, I hope that I have found success in the discussion on this important topic, which our noble Messenger – may God bless him and grant him peace – has always urged us and used to pursue as a model for us after him, and we would be an example for those after us from the generations to follow this great prophetic approach . To here we have reached the end of this article, and we have written in it a general topic introduction that is suitable for any introduction on any topic of expression, and we have also written a number of introductions that are suitable for academic research on a number of topics, in addition to including a comprehensive example on the topic of an expression that fulfills all its elements.

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